This is a dark time. To think that something so microscopically small could cause such drastic damage to our economies, livelihoods, physical, and mental health. This is a time where the only thing that we can do right now is social distancing and self-quarantining.

People don't want to believe that this is our reality now but, sadly, it is. We have to face it. The world is changing around us and most of us weren't prepared. Millions of people can't reach loved ones, go to work (or have a job after this), friends and lovers can't connect outside of a screen, we can't enjoy the seasons, we can only wait until this blows over and hope to get ahead of the curve.

That's why Voices of Quarantine was created.  To provide an escape from isolation. Tell OUR stories of how we've been affected. Provide a resource to someone who might not know where to look. To share our struggles and have strangers relate to our stories. Showcase our art or our newfound hobbies and share it with the world, anonymously or not.

We want to know who you are and how you're doing. Leave no stone unturned, let your voice and your story be heard. We're all in this together. Be strong. Stay safe.

- Voices of Quarantine