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Re: Mourning In Isolation & The Impact

I wanted to share a few quick thoughts on yesterday's postings and the impact I saw throughout the day. Moments after the original post went live, as I'm sitting at my desk getting ready to take on the day, my phone rings of a new notification. I figured it was just a casual text that I could respond to later but it was far more than that - this person was so moved by this piece alone that they felt the need to reach out to me personally and offer some words of encouragement to the author but didn't know how to do it and wanted to be anonymous. This is what they wrote. From Anonymous: "As I read this article tears streamed down my face. I can't imagine the heartache you are going through ALONE. My heart breaks for you. You are in my prayers in this very difficult time. Stay strong! If you know someone in this situation please, please, please reach out to them. Call them and let them know you are there for them. Just be available if they need to talk or cry or even vent."

This moved me in a way that I wasn't expecting. The power the written word can have on someone during a time of crisis is probably the most powerful thing out there. Sharing a not-so-great [personal] experience with a random internet blog takes a lot of courage but as I've seen today, both public and private, is that these are stories people can relate too and that's exactly why I started this project. I myself expressed publically that I was moved to tears while transcribing our second article of the day because of how open and real the poster was. It broke my heart how hopeless this person felt at the time of the recording but it was genuine, they did it for themselves and they did it for others - both authors. They even expressed that yesterday's articles have also been somewhat therapeutic. Sometimes writing things down is all it takes.

Documentation is important and so is connection. But it's hard. Especially in today's digital age, we can really lose sight of how beneficial the documentation process can be to our mental health. Technology is everywhere - we should be documenting everything - but everyone is in such a 'quick, go, now' mood that we 'never have time'. Personally, I'm trying to get better at documenting various avenues of my own life as well (hell, it was one of my New Years Resolutions). But now is the time to document all that you can - even if it's not submitted to this project.

Document. Everything.

We have nothing but time and our thoughts, even those of us who keep busy to avoid them. I promise, not only will you feel better after but you'll be able to come back to it years later when we make it out of this and go, 'Wow. I survived that. and I wasn't alone'.

You're NOT alone. YOU have a Voice. Let it be heard. Until Next Time,

- DJ

(Creator of "Voices of Quarantine")

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